Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Miss Molly

My Miss Molly cat (the 15ish year old one) has a nice warm coat of earth since last week. I had to take her to the vet as she had stopped eating and wasn’t at all well (she has had ongoing overactive thyroid problems) and the vet and I decided to give her a little help to go over the rainbow bridge to cat heaven.

I hate doing that and always feel like a hypocrite as I am not into euthanasia for humans (really only because it is the thin edge of the wedge and people like me will be in line for it later when someone decides MY life is not worth living). Ah dear!!! That’s life and death.

I really miss the old girl who used to go round shouting for food all the time.

Callie and Jimmy had a look at her and a sniff when I brought her home from the vet. I always let the other cats see the other one dead if possible to let them have some idea of where they have gone.

So Callie is top cat now. Except I am actually top cat. Callie says "well that's what you think!.

Anyway thanks to the old Moll I am back on the blog again.

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