Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My New Vege Garden

First the old one

It comprised three 1 m x 2m concrete raised ponds originally used for keeping of water plants for sale (when this place was a nursery). They stood about knee height and great for me when I was a wobbly walker. Only walking space down each side tho - no wheelchair access.

So they haven't been used for 4 - 5 years since I have been using the chair. But then came:

That was temporary until Finally this is it now. Yay!!

This has happened over the past 8 months. Roy smashed up the old concrete gardens. That was a helluva job well done!!

Some more from just the other day. Seedlings up. Easily weeded. :-)

It's all so fantastic. I love it and having been eating the produce already.


  1. Yeah, We started a veggie garden in an old bathtub in the backyard. The possums loved it!

  2. I love those planters - can't wait to move into our own place next year and going for raised planters to help form some safe passage paths for Mac and his electric car.

  3. Hi Glenda
    The Planters look great !! My Partner Lisa and I are so pleased to have the oppurtunity to be a part of your happiness, it makes our business worth while. with both Lisa and Myself being Ambulance Paramedics for many years we are happy to see you enjoying a vegetable garden with out the risk of further injury. Thanks again for the oppurtunity, you've made our day !! all the best in your future. p.s. love your blog, we think you're an inspiration !!