Saturday, 27 June 2009

Misty Moisty Day

Had a busy day today (well compared to when I sleep until 3pm). Really had to go and give a blood sample at the QEH so that they can test to see if the inflammation is abating and if my liver or kidneys or red blood cells are getting wrecked by the medications. Had been trying to get there all week but it has been raining a lot or I have been sleeping.

Was good to get out. A little sprinkly rain for a start, a misty moisty day. A two stop train trip and then a walk (wheel) to the Hospital. Went into Lizzy's cafe and had some yummy cauliflower and potato soup. Gave blood. NO WAITING. Must remember that Fridays are quiet as I have to go weekly for 5 weeks.

Then off to Bummings and Havy Normal to look at heaters. Bought one and carried it all the way home with it sitting on my footrests. Put it together and got it working. It is a tall oscillating one with a timer and a remote control. For the bedroom so I don't lie in the freezing cold if I fall again.

R came around and made a tasty stir fry including some bok choy and broccoli from my garden for tea and then went home after a yak.

Nice day.

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