Sunday, 22 March 2009

Be Very Careful What You Wish For!!

A couple of posts ago I said "I want my drugs back". Well after another bout of horrible pain and another 4 days in hospital, guess what? I have my Drugs back - yep back on the steroids! And they want to cut a bit of my guts out to fix the problem this time.

I think they are being hasty so I am in discussion with the doctors about this one. An abdominal operation will be severely debilitating for me and could put me out of action for weeks and could result in me losing independence in some areas for ever.

As far as I have read in the official info they gave me the first time - cutting bits of the colon out is not considered the way to go in Crohn's disease. Some other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases it does work with. Of course I asked why they want to do it but of course didn't get an answer that I can recall. Probably cos they have just sharpened their scalpels and want to test them out!!!

I have had the initial bout and then this one. I reckon my disease deserves another chance with drug therapy before they get chopping and I said so. I have an appt with the Gastro mob on the 31st so will let you know.

I got myself out of hospital as soon as they would let me as I am learning how weak I get if I have to stay in. So four days after getting out I am nearly back to strength because I am in my own home and been using my normal environment instead of being hamstrung and having to have nurses lift me etc. Yay - in control!!


I now have an email address that you can contact me on if you want to. See at the top on the right above the picture of Harry.


  1. Ow, bummer. I'm with you though on the surgery. I have a family member with Crohns and she manages with very very strict diet. Surgery takes a lot out of people, so best to avoid if at all possible. Still, with the steroids, you might get a spot at the olympics... seems a requirement these days..