Saturday, 27 September 2008

Satisfying day tinged with sadness

First the sad bit. As I do most days I went to say hello to my fish in the pond and looked and looked for "Big Mother" fish (about 6-7 yrs old) who is the mother of most of the 60 or so fish in the pond. I had some damn wild ducks visit the pond a month or so ago and they injured her as I guess she was slower getting away than the little ones. Her tail was a bit bent and her scales somewhat buggered up. She has been slow since then and I have been pessimistic about her continued longevity. Looking, looking but couldn't see her at all. Then I spied a pale gold blob under some weed and yes, there she was, dead. Poor old girl. So when my worker got here I fished her out with the net and we dug a grave amongst the begonias. I felt like I should say some words for her but nothing appropriate came to mind. Never mind I will say hello to her every day when I go out there just the same.

Then we planted some elephants ears out of pots into the fern garden, some little bulb type things into the bed along the back fence, small variegated lilies and a pot of violets given by a friend into the sitting rocks bed. Then filled up the vacated pots (lovely coloured old concrete and terrazzo ones) with new dirt ready for new vege plantings. And because it was 30C today and warming up generally changed the quilt on my bed for the summer lightweight one. Ah roll on Summer!

Tired now and time for dinner.


  1. Hi Glee, I changed the color of the red font in that blog, I do hope that it was the red you meant, because there was a white font as well. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.


  2. Stopped by to say hi & let you know I am back with wordpress.