Monday, 6 October 2008

Very sad news

Cathy Nirta died suddenly on Friday morning. The sky cried on Friday most appropriately and later, as Margie said when the showers turned into sun showers “even the sun is crying”. I have known her since she was 12 and I was 14 living at Somerton CCH together. She was my oldest friend. I feel stunned. Cathy was a pioneer of deinstitutionalisation even before it had a name. Got herself out of the Home for Incurables into a share house and finally into her very own unit on her own, sadly she only had 8 months of the latter. All this in spite of being female, severely disabled, the youngest daughter of Italian parents and the System that would control her, and probably (knowing her) without shouting at anyone!!

Caterina my true hero!

Hugs for all who knew her.


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  1. The Home for Incurables! My goodness!
    Well, i didn't know Cathy, but i will send her soul some prayers. Thanks for what you achieved Cathy, for my children and many more. Thankfully her last 8 months were in her own place rather than somewhere she didn't want to be. A life well lived Cathy. Too short, too hard, but well lived. May your spirit soar.