Thursday, 25 September 2008

Nice to be home

Back home after five days in Brisbane for the AGM etc. What a successful time. The new board members are fabulous with a whole bunch of skills, experience, education, working lives and different ages and disability types. Such energy and enthusiasm. We had fun together too. I feel so uplifted by it all. We did our strategic planning and are all set for a year of good work. I was voted as President again and am pleased at that as I am really enjoying the work. Will tell you more about the Brisbane trip later and the organisation itself.

I was smart this time and employed the services of a support worker both morning and evening (instead of just mornings as has been my habit) to save my energy. Consequently I have arrived home just plain tired instead of totally buggered.

My sister C and hubby D came back today from Mt Gambier on their way back to Queensland. C did some sewing for me and cleaned up Jimmy's sunroom lounging bed as it was full of dust and spiders so it looks lovely now for the spring. Jimmy is pleased after initial consternation. Glee is very pleased with no consternation in sight.

Beautiful sunny day today and warmer tomorrow. The wisteria is busting out all over and smells gorgeous.


  1. Your wisteria looks amazing. I remember the day we planted it or one of them at least.Great photo of Jimmy and Molly