Sunday, 14 September 2008

Spring has Sprung

At last spring is here and my garden is flowering beautifully. Delicious smells of freesias, violets, night scented pittosporum, wallflowers and the wisteria is just about to burst forth. I have added new photos today. One folder called Garden Spring 2008, another Cats Spring 2008 and Toilet Modifications. Go over to the right column and there is a link to get to them.

The toilet is finished - well nearly. After installing the pan they then had to rip it out (dig up the new tiles, floor and all) and move it away from the back wall as they hadn't done it to Standard which would enable (when needed) a wheeled toilet chair to fit over it. So that meant another whole week without a loo. While doing that they managed to move it out from the side wall as well about 40mm. I didn't know this til after and that is no good either. How hard can this be guys?!! So now they have to come back and move it again but they reckon they can move it sideways about 20mm without digging it up.

You may ask "What's 40mm between friends?" Well when you are as wobbly as me when doing a standing transfer it is a hell of a lot! Anyway they will be back this week to move it.

My drains have been blocking up a lot over the past few years so I have cleared 3 concrete oblong ponds from the side yard (see photo, you can still see a remnant) so I can dig the drains up and replace them (I can feel a second mortgage coming on eeek) as there seems to be no short term solution. It is costing me about $300 per year to clear them which is too much to bear. The oblong raised concrete ponds were originally used for water plants for sale when this place was a nursery. I had knocked out the bottoms and filled them with dirt for a raised vege garden when I was still a wobbly walker. But now I can't get down the sides of them so they have been useless. Clear them out and I will make a vege garden in pots.

The veges I did plant some weeks ago did survive the snails and I have been picking spinach, silver beet, 6 sorts of lettuce, parsely, chives and coriander.

I planted some tiny white azalea plants in honour of a good friend S about 6 weeks ago and they are growing well and one has flowered already! You can see them in the photos too but they are only about 15 mm high.

My sister C and her hubby D are arriving Tuesday from Queensland for a couple of days on the way to visit D's parents in Mt Gambier for a week. Be great to see them.

Then I go to Queensland for the AGM and new Director induction, Governance training and Strategic planning for the year ahead. We have quite a few new directors this year so that should be lively and interesting.

I have posted part of my Annual Report as a blog but it won't appear here until the evening of the 20th Sept. So look out for it - one of my raves.


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