Monday, 15 September 2008


I am sooo sick of hearing about how the Aged pension is too little to live on! No actually I am sooo sick of them NOT saying how the Disability pension is too little to live on. Both pensions are the same amount of $$. How is it when there are 700,00o people living on the DSP that they can miss us or ignore us. I think it's a case of equal but invisible therefore not to be bothered with unless it's to have a good stare as we go by.

That's it. Too pissed off to say more.


  1. Glee
    How I wish the invisibility cloak of those on DSP was removed for good.

    Something has been puzzling me... I thought I heard someone say that on turning 65yo you no longer get the DSP and move to the Aged Pension - is there a miracle cure out there my Son et al can look forward to when they turn 65 - or is this just another round of useless paperwork people on DSP can look forward to?

    I hope I can continue to "rumble" for change with "the system" for my son, just as you do for him and others.

  2. They think people on DSP maybe dont have the courage and strength to stick up for themselves and sit around feeling sorry for themselves so they dont need much money.
    On the brighter side I love your spring update. You captured the essence of springs freshness beautifully. What are the purple flowers. Look a bit like stocks but I dont think so.