Saturday, 31 July 2010


Last week I received a letter from Domiciliary Equipment Services here in SA because I am due to get a new wheelchair soon. I have been driving an electric wheelchair for over 15 years.

What they are telling me is that before I can have my new chair that I have to be assessed as MEDICALLY FIT TO DO SO by my bloody DOCTOR and then a further PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT by an OT or PHYSIO.

This is OUTRAGEOUS! What would my doctor know about driving a wheelchair? Bloody nothing!!

Bloody car drivers do not have to be certified as medically fit to drive a car before they buy one. A children riding around on footpaths and roads do not have to be certified as medically fit. Oh inequity and discrimination reigns as ever. What to do? I am so ANGRY about this. SOOOOO insulted.

Someone suggested that I refuse the assessment but I could refuse assessment and guess what would happen. I wouldn’t get my new wheelchair. I am sure this assessment bullshit has happened to many.

I can understand more if you have been diagnosed with a cognitive disability BUT even so we crips are the best adapters. There are many people who have strong spasms but still can drive their wheelchairs perfectly with no danger to others. Just another case of abloid judgments about us.

I think abloids should be assessed for competent walking before they are let out on the streets to walk in front of us and wander around texting and generally not looking where they are bloody going. Discrimination is rife.

It would be funny if we knew it was a joke. It is a joke but they are serious. Incredible.

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  1. If it's any consolation, it's like that on the other side of the world, too. We have the same type of evaluation process (things have changed since I got my last power chair, but went through the new process about a year ago). Even though it seems like common sense to us (obvious physical disability) the insurance companies need to make sure that everything is in order. The positive side, though, is that it resulted in a far superior chair this time around!