Thursday, 1 July 2010

Busy Day

Sleepy now and off to bed early - well early for me, before midnight! Last night an activist friend who lives nearby came for tea and we had a nice time. Today I have had a busy day with an old friend coming for lunch and yakkity yak. Tony the wheelchair repair bloke came and replaced my back tyres and the old cracked vinyl armrests and oiled the squeaks. He had to take my chair back to the workshop so I had to sit in an ordinary kitchen chair for over an hour. Did you know they don't bloody well move! and they are bloody uncomfortable!

Then at 5.30pm an Executive meeting by teleconference for Physical Disability Australia in the evening. Then some cleaning out and filing the multitude of work emails I get. I do wish I got paid for the work I do. Still as they say it's for a good cause - me and my people's rights.

Soup for tea and a toasted crumpet. Fed the cats and tidied the kitchen up a tiny bit. nighty night...

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