Friday, 9 July 2010

Simple wheelchair repair - yeah right.

Hmm do I sound angry today? YOU BET. I rang Domiciliary Equipment Scheme (DES) Maintenance yesterday and explained fully the situation with needing a repair to my wheelchair TODAY and that Extra Care know all about it and can do it cos I have already checked with them. Woke up at 11am today and immediately had to ring to find out why no one had rung me yet to tell me when they would arrive to fix my chair. I ended up shouting cos the DES lady was saying they will ring you. I told her that if they haven't rung me yet then they are not going to. I told her that Extra Care could do it today and she said "we have to get our Woodville man". I said: NO, HE WILL COME AND HE WILL SAY IT'S TOO HARD TO DO TODAY! She: I will get them to ring you. Me: NO YOU RING THEM AND FIND OUT AND THEN YOU RING ME AND LET ME KNOW!! She: I will get them to ring you! Me: NO YOU RING ME BACK She: errr Me: GET ME YOUR SUPERVISOR!!! She: ok ok I will ring you back.

She rang me 10 minutes later to inform me that the "Woodville man couldn't do it today and so I have sent the order thru to Extra Care". "Right" I said and hung up. I'm not stupid. I have long experience with this useless system so I really resent these people telling me what's what. They wouldn't have a fucking clue.

I hadn't even gotten out of bed yet and I was already infuriated.

Points to the lady who was shouted at. She stayed calm, didn't get patronising or nasty. She saw some light eventually and did as I asked and then demanded. Then she would have seen more light when she saw I was right.

The bearings in my front wheels were making so much noise that the clacking was hurting my ears and my cats were running away from me scared to bits. I have two important functions on this weekend and would have been an spectacle in my machine gun sounding chair. I had parts of my chair repaired a week or so ago by Extra Care but Tony and I agreed to not to do the bearings as they had gone quiet since my report to them and as I am getting a new wheelchair soon I would leave it to save some money for others. But yesterday the bearings started making this racket so I rang DES office straight away and explained the whole story.

Tony from Extra Care popped around this afternoon within 3 hours of me ringing them (I had prepared them yesterday to come today and rung them twice today in between my shouting phone call) and put two secondhand wheels on to tide me over. Not a hassle, not expensive and fixed. Fuck I am sick of this useless system here in South Australia. The lucky country they call it. Well, the bloody lucky ones do any way. Fuck. It doesn't have to be this hard!

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