Friday, 13 August 2010


you know that screen saver called "Marquee" on Windows where you can type in words and then they float across your screen like a banner? Yeah? No? Mine was "Love your disability it gets you out of doing the dishes". HAHAHAH

And - a few years ago after my new accessible kitchen was installed a friend Tim came around in his chair. I said "go try the sink". "No I can see it". "No go and get up to it". He went over and sat there. He turned and looked at me with this huge grin on his face which did not stop. He "it's amazing isn't it?!!!". Grin grin grin. Yup.

A middle aged man looking like he'd just won a million dollars. An ease, an access he had never experienced before!

It struck me almost like an arrow to my heart what deprived and imprisoned lives we lead. Disabled for sure!

I knew what sink access was like as a wobbly walker and how easy it was to get water out of a tap and do the dishes etc. I had my kitchen changed when I split from hubby and I was using the chair more and more. So as it is my kitchen now it is all low and mostly no cupboards except for a 30" section for any uprights, such as support workers, to use.

Tim's reaction high-lit a glaring example of how our environment affects us, stops us, disables us, make us DEPENDENT!.

I can still see the delight on Tim's face! :))

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