Wednesday, 6 November 2013

No Blog post today - no spoons

I have failed to blog twice now I believe. I realised that I only have so many spoons. They were used elsewhere.

Yesterday I drun to the dentist, 9.45 am, eek, and then had lunch at the QEH cafeteria and talked to an elderly couple for a short while. Got my fix of mum and dad substitutes. Drun to Bunnings and was uninspired. Home for a cuppa and then drun to the pet supplies and bought some fish for the bath pond in my Bromeliad house (carport). Mia visited and we sat while the fish bags adjusted temperature in the bath, released them and watched them as they explored.

Today I went to a focus group, 10.00am, to inform Adelaide City Council on Pavements and Surfaces. My main and opening comment was that they were crap! May talk about the whole thing for another blogpost. I then met Sue for lunch at Chinatown near the Market and went back to her place in Christie Walk a few blocks away. Cuppa and yak. Christie Walk is a great example of city medium density eco living. Google it for a video.

Today was a day of old faces too. At the focus group I recognised the woman next to me but couldn’t place her. In the break she asked if I remembered her. Turned out to be Vicki from Somerton Crippled Children’s Home from 43 years ago! Always liked Vicki.

And then at Sue’s there was a knock on her door and a man was speaking to Sue and she opened the door wider and introduced me to Roman!!! From my Radio Days 32 years ago!!

On a wander around the Walk with Sue we met another neighbour with his whippet Billy and we sat and talked in one of their little garden room spots under the trees. Takeaway Lucia’s spag bol purchased on the way through the Market to catch a train home.

The weather was perfect and the company was good. I did a bit of work and had some fun. Ate some nice tucker and good conversation. So not enough spoons to write a blog post today.

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