Saturday, 2 November 2013

30 Days - A Challenge

A Post a Day for 30 Days. Samantha is doing it and challenged me to revive my blog. I have missed one day but will pop an extra in to make up.

Here we go:

I feel good lately. The sun is shining and it's getting warmer every day. My best time of the year. I don't feel like writing about the problems of Ableism or the shitty system (same same).
Since I have written a post here I have been doing lots of nothing and then lately lots of something. We'll catch up on the "nothing and negative" later. Present and Positive for now, or as the fancy takes me.

The Bromeliad Society of South Australia. I have joined. Just a hop, skip and a jump away and meets monthly. Quick meeting and then down to the business of Afternoon Tea which is always yummy with the AT people always putting on great stuff! Then the Drawing of the Raffles. Members bring their excess broms in for the prizes, tens and tens of them. So one has an excellent chance of winning something. And then there are those who win something and give it to me cos I am such a sparkling personality. I often look like a Bromeliad bush travelling on the way home. I am known as "Trouble" there cos at the second meeting I brought up the problem of there being no crip toilet and the nasty little step. Adam the President is now always checking during meetings to see if I want to say anything or have any points to raise, cheeky man!!

But the toilet. Yes there was one but no sign on it and Peter the VP didn't even realise it was there!! It was, but it was total crap. I hear it's fixed now and only took a few months (suffer in your jocks Sam). People keep asking me what it's like. I say I haven't used it yet. They are busting to know. Must have a look next time and perhaps even a pee! The step is ramped after initial reservations by the Landlords about "people" tripping over it. Cos I guess they "got" over it.

It's great fun and my Brom collection is growing and the back garden and carport are being transformed. I am spending time with a great fun bunch of people and have some good laughs and learn stuff. After the Raffle we have a Talk or Demonstration or Workshop and look at plants people have brought in and the WiseandOldies rattle off long names. Love it!

My Vege garden is going like a bomb. I have had the dirt paths in my garden paved using my Self Managed Individual Funding $$$ to pay for it. It has always caused problems with getting bogged in dry or wet and tracking in mud and leaves. So it was a disability related need so my request to spend SMF $$ was approved. This is such freedom to get around the garden easily. Photos later.

Feeling good.


  1. Looks like Ive something to read for the next 30days mate :-D

  2. Excellent Glee. I love bromileads too - wish I could spell. Glad you are starting up your blog again, but I liked the old background colour scheme better.

    1. Yes I'm inclined to agree about the colour Margaret. I went with a template cos I was trying to smarten it up a bit and I had forgotten how to do it all. Took me ages to bring pics etc up to date and that was after writing the blog post. Got to bed at 4am silly me :) It may return to the old colours with some new pics perhaps. Not sure if white on purple is any good for those with vision impairment either, a thought which crossed my mind at the end. We shall see :)