Friday, 25 June 2010


It's been raining last night and tonight like in Camelot. Sunny day today and had to go into the city for a lunch meeting. We sat in the sun and had lunch and talked. Always a good meeting.

Then did a bit of shopping and checked out the refurbished Woolies supermarket in Rundle Mall. Not bad, but am not sure that they have solved the queuing traffic jams. AND they have installed those scan and pay yourself checkouts. I did not go down that aisle but could see many of them from a distance and it appeared to me that NONE of them were accessible to wheelchair users. The scan plate was at around my midrib height and the pin pad at about my head height or a bit above. I will have a proper look next time and let you know.

Home on the train and that was nice, as finally we have a few trains that have been upgraded to comply with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport and I got one of those. I space to myself that wasn't around the doorway and a button within reach if I needed to contact the driver (to put the ramp down for me to disembark). So nice at last. Also push button open and shut doors. auditory and visual announcements of next stop. Good railing and colour contrasts. At last. A train that truly welcomes me and my people too.


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