Thursday, 24 June 2010

Crikey she's bossy that Glee.

Here I am and it might not be much til I build up but I vow to write something everyday. Have been exhausted and depressed. Stupid nasty people have been casting nasturtiums around the country about me which most people have ignored I think. But it doesn't help when I have been working hard as a disability rights activist and advocate for decades. Even tho these people have NO IDEA what I do (cos they cut me off and shut me out) they have the gall to say that I am not representing South Australia properly on Physical Disability Australia. It amazes me how often crips try to cut other crips down. Mean minded and egotistical of them for sure. As if we don't get enough shit from the abloids without attacking our fellow crips. Pathetic little cockalorums!

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