Sunday, 2 November 2008

New Photos and Sunny Warm Weather

I have just uploaded a whole bunch of photos in an album titled "A Tour round my garden". See the link under "My Photos" in the right column here. There's a lot there. If the pictures are blurry or pixelated in Slideshow mode (which is the easiest and best way to view them) then extend the time each slide is viewed to about 6 seconds and it will fix that.

So I have been busy gardening amongst my activist work. I have had the old raised garden bed down the side demolished as I couldn't get to it now I use a wheelchair. Now I can get right round the house again. You will see in the pics that I have set up a temporary raised bed with pots sitting on it for my Vegetable garden. So satisfying to have veges again and eat my own lettuce etc. Have put in tomatoes big and cocktail type, herbs - coriander, oregano, mint, sage, thyme, and have seeds for tarragon and spring onions, the spinach is still going well and the lettuce, radish, chives, and parsley I put in previously. I have also bought a Meyer Lemon for a pot and plan to espalier a nectarine and a feijoa on the bare corrugated iron fence out the front where there is more sun.

I am very chuffed with my rose which I espaliered on the back fence. It has over 200 buds on it and I can see it from my computer as I sit typing this. It was an ordinary standard rose but never got enough sun. Flourishing on the fence tho.

You will see my "lawn" is covered with top dressing as when the blokes were here doing my toilet modification they emptied all sorts of concrete slurry etc over it. What a mess. I went crook and so they top dressed it. While that's sort of ok it does make a mess of my tyres when it's wet and I track sandy dirt into the house. Grr. I have planted ground cover on one half of the lawn and plan to do the other side too. In a place that gets little foot or wheel traffic so that's good and saves on mowing.

It actually rained last night - hang on I better check the rain gauge... bugger, only 2mm but it sounded like more. Parts of South Australia have had up to 40mm overnight so that's excellent as we have had the driest 2 past months (this time of year) for over 100 years.


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