Saturday, 8 November 2008

National Disability Strategy

This is my brief submission to the consultation:

1. What do you think should be included in the National Disability Strategy?

People with disabilities ONLY. NOT Carers, Families or Service Providers

2. What are the barriers to people with disability fully participating in the community?

Carers, Families or Service Providers

Lack of Access to:

- the Built Environment
- Transport
- Education
- Employment


Chronic Unmet Need in Support Services and Equipment

Societal misconceptions and discriminatory attitudes

3. What have been some of your own experiences?

As a person with a disability WITHOUT a Carer or Family I am sick of being ignored and becoming invisible because of the focus on Carers and Families.

4. What local and national actions could be taken to overcome these barriers?

Just provide what WE need. Concentrate on People with Disabilities themselves. We are not attached to other people as adults nor should we be. While some of us rely on other people we can provide for carers etc (if we have them) if we are paid an allowance to pay such Carers etc. Those who are cognitively unable to manage their lives themselves usually have (or should) a LEGAL representative (who may be Family if so chosen) to enable this. All carers or families who are supporting people with disabilities who are over the age of 18 and cognitively unable must be required to have legal guardianship or administrative authority to speak and act for the PwD that they are assisting. “Care” should not be assumed or assessed by a GP or Centrelink or Gov Medical Officer. Some carers, families actually abuse, control and deny. Application should be made and granted through Guardianship Boards.

5. What areas of research should be a priority for the NDS?

People with Disabilities themselves should be the ONLY priority. Carers etc should have their own Strategy to address their needs if really necessary. However this should not be necessary if we PwD, are given the means to provide for Carers (see Q 4)

6. What local action has made a positive difference to people with disabilities?

Just provide what we need. Stop treating us like second class citizens. Simple really.

7. Anything else?

Until we (PwD) are recognised as individuals in our own right we will never be able to be truly free and independent contributing members of society. NO OTHER MINORITY is forced into such dependence or control by others as adults. For crying out loud stop forcing us into dependence and poverty.

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  1. I have been thinking about this one a lot, and coming back and re-reading it often. The more I think about it the more it makes sense.

    As a mum of a 5yo boy with profound, multiple disabilities I am becoming more and more peeved at the Carer term. I have yet to send in my resignation as a carer to Mr Rudd as, at present, the $50 a fortnight does come in handy - goes some way to offsetting the $68K p.a. shortfall we have as a result of our child having a significant disability.

    But, and this is where I would like to hear your opinion... What if our son (and every other person who 'qualifies their carer' for carer payments or carer allowances was actually provided with a "disability allowance" or "disability payment" until they turned 18 and then were privy to the disability support pension if they qualified or needed. As his parents we would be responsible for using this money appropriately - would it need to be more formal - I don't want to write off my parental rights and responsibilities - or be denied them just because my child has a disability - so this is the area I get most confused.

    Get rid of the Carer Allowance and carer payment entirely. That way there is no "carers" just people who care or people paid to care. There are plenty of people happy to take the "carer" payments but would find taking a "disability payment" slightly confronting (this is good i think).

    At this stage I do feel i need to provide a voice for my son but I really really really abhor the term carer - I am just a mum.