Wednesday, 27 August 2008

You ARE there!!

I don't know how to check how many people view my blog. Just then I went to a blog I read often which I found through this blog At rcp I found my blogs under Heike's list of Blogs I Read. So here I am Heike, giving you something new to read. I feel inspired to write. It's hard when I don't get many comments but then hey I don't write a lot.

In my defence I do a lot of typing every day and as I have weak muscles often I get too pooped to type. Yeah I know about voice recognition software - I have a PC and used Dragon Dictate and got on quite well with it. Then I went and fell in love with a skinny little easy access silent Mac and found I couldn't use Dragon on it. So I got bloody iListen didn't I, but just can't get on with it. It seems clumsy compared to Dragon. I have not been persisting with it which is silly so I must just have another go.

Busy doing the annual report today and musing back over the year. I tend to do a bit of a soapbox rant first up and then settle into the telling of the work done and work yet to do. When the report is made public I will put the rant part of it up here cos it's a good rant. Oh that's right I can do it now and schedule publication for after the AGM ...... done.

I read Dave's and Heike's blogs and any way I will have to make my own My Blog List and then you will know ...... done.


  1. Yeah, i do check you every day - but you don't need to feel pressure to write every day. Better to write only when you feel up to it, that way you keep it up longer.
    If you want to find out how many people read your blog, you could sign up with site-meter ( It's free and easy, and gives you an idea.
    Thanks for reading my blog!
    (PS. i really liked your last post on "who gets what" but there is too much there to comment on. I might do a post on it one day and link to you)

  2. I check you out nearly everyday . Its great to be involved in snippets of your life. I will look up voice dictation software on the open sources and see if there is something out there. Open source stuff is all free so maybe will find something