Sunday, 10 August 2008

Loo loo skip to my loo

Well the loo is done. It took nearly three weeks with all sorts of stuff ups that I can't bear to relate right now. I may do a "Diary of Toilet Mods" and post all the details for the wary to be prepared if it is happening to them.

While I say the loo is done and functional they are coming back to dig it up again as they did it wrong. The Occupational Terrorist (a useless occupation as far as I am concerned) did not do her job properly and neither did the builder. As I MUST have an OT for the job I left it to her to get some of the details right - BIG MISTAKE. It really annoys me as these people get paid good money - money I could use in better ways for myself. I DO NOT NEED AN OT. I AM THE EXPERT ON MY NEEDS AND THEIR REQUIREMENT IS INSULTING AND DEMEANING!!

I am a savvy person and I know the Standards for a crip loo. Did they take any notice of the Standards? NO. They put the pan close to the back wall and when I found it was installed too low (the OT didn't measure did she!) I could not even get my shower chair over it to get the height as it was too far forward which meant I would end up pissing on the floor.

So after yelling at the OT and the Builder they have insisted they make it right. So in another week or so they are going to dig up the floor again and move the pan forward as per Standards. This means another 4 days without a loo and back to using a plakky bag in a bucket under my shower chair. It's a disgusting business!!

So the moral of this story is NEVER TRUST AN OCCUPATIONAL TERRORIST.



  1. Love the occupational terrorist! Such an apt name! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  2. Love your loo story...we have plenty and I often say I could write a book on all the loo adventures I've had over the 49 years living disability.
    Even my name is appropriate - my nickname is "Lou".
    When I used to work as a Social Worker at the Otara Spinal Unit in NZ, we had a bit poster on the wall that said 'O.T's think they're God"!!
    That says it all I think.
    I like you blog Glenda - good on you, there's a lot of work involved in it.


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