Wednesday, 5 August 2009


goes a long way. Friends have been saying "you haven't been blogging, come on".

So here I am. Still hibernating. Although I have come out of my cave for long enough to go to Sydney for 2 days of Strategic Planning for PDA. And ventured out for a few meetings.

Got excited the other day when a bunch of coincidences happened. My friend Gen came around and saw my new vege gardens and told me that a friend of hers is making them now, Buckos. I said that's where I got them from! Then as I was seeing Gen off I checked the letterbox. In it was a special offer of bargains from Buckos to existing customers. So I rang up and ordered another 1.8 metre bed and two more of the round "herb" pots. Steve was pleased to hear from me and delivered them on Monday.

I was seeing my vege garden fill up (it's so satisfying) so now I have some more space. Lots of self sown lobelia seedlings are coming up in the vege garden so am transplanting them around the garden. Love free seedlings.

Facebook has been keeping me amused when I am tired. Have started Farming on Farmville and Farmtown. check me out on Facebook - there's a link here on my blog and join me in farming and be my "neighbour" (I need more neighbours!). It's fun seeing as I can't do real farming. For a long time I have been looking forward to technology setting us free (virtually) of bodily constraints. Now it's here and it's fun. Back to harvest my soybeans.

see ya all soon!

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  1. Glenda, it's great to see you back on the blog. I too have been admiring those vegie gardens. I saw them the other day when I went out to Swanes Nursery here in Sydney.