Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Snails and loos

My lettuce are going ok. But then it hasn't rained. Thanks Jalal, I do go out and squish them but it's a little more complicated when one is on wheels. It's a yukky business trying to extricate snail guts from the treads of my tyres (let's not even mention dog shit). So what I do is pick them all up and then pile them up on the concrete, cover them with a large leaf and then run over them. Then I go inside and take five minutes of washing to get the snail slime off my hands. Eeewwwww.

I seem to have beaten the caterpillars too.

I am in the middle of having my toilet modified for wheelchair access so everything is messy with dust everywhere and stuff covered up and driving around on crackly plastic that is taped to the carpet. And jackhammers, rubble and freaked out cats and freezing all day with doors open etc. Not to mention using a bucket for a toilet. Oh dear I won't go on. sigh. Still it will be excellent when it's done....

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  1. Hi. It's Karen from Equal not special. I have my own blog. Have had for awhile but its been sadly neglected of late because no one was reading. Come by if you like.